Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo aftercare

The world of tattooing is growing more and more as time passes and there are truly significant reasons behind this statement. Every tattoo represents an individual expression of the personality. With this type of permanent work of art, people are actually showing their uniqueness and authenticity.

It is interesting that tattoos support a person’s self-esteem as well as confidence. We are witnesses that now tattoos rise as a trend on their own. Even though getting a tattoo requires some consideration because it can be really painful and permanent, people are still deciding on getting them since they bring many beneficial sides.

Getting the tattoo as a daring move

Even though opinions are diverse, we can not neglect the fact that tattoos can look very appealing and attractive. This mostly refers to when a person knows to choose the right tattoo in the right space. It is very interesting that over time people are becoming bolder in the terms of which body part they want to tattoo. It is a very daring idea to choose some sensitive area to get the tattoo such as the neck, your ankle, or something else.

The key to getting a very stunning tattoo is choosing a discreet, yet visible one. On the other hand, there are even more courageous people that are ready to tattoo their whole bodies. Basically, anyone who wants to get a tattoo wants to show and express some characteristics, and no matter whether they are small or big, the tattoos are now really drawing attention.

However, if you thought that getting the tattoo and enduring the pain that comes with it is all that it takes to finish the tattooing process, you are very mistaken. This is because you are forgetting about the most important part of tattooing and that is the healing process and aftercare part. You need to know how to take care of the tattoo until it heals properly, which is the crucial step you need to pay attention to if you want the tattoo to turn out great, instead of becoming infected.

Since tattoo aftercare can be confusing, especially for the people that got their first tattoo, we prepared a detailed guide with the instructions you should follow in order to properly keep your tattooed skin healthy.

First day/night

After you get the tattoo you wanted, your tattoo artist will place a bandage over it, which you will need to hold for a minimum of six hours. The wisest decision would be to keep it over the night while you are sleeping but do not forget to dress in something comfortable. In case you want to remove your bandage earlier, you should follow the steps mentioned below in order to do the job properly.

First, do not panic if you see that your tattoo is still bleeding on your first night. This is happening because your skin is very sensitive and it passed something very painful. The blood can dry overnight and stick to your clothes and because of that, you need to take your clothes very gently. Never force this procedure and do not be impatient and rough. If you still do not want to come off, you should just take the lukewarm water and gently slide the area.

Instruction regarding taking off the bandage and cleaning the tattoo

Make sure that before you start with this process you wash your hands properly. After that, you can prepare the unscented antibacterial soap that you are going to use. First, gently take the bandage and the tape and remove them. As we mentioned, if you notice that your bandage is sticking to the tattoo just take the lukewarm water and press it on the bandage. After that, wash the tattoo with the soap ONLY, and gently clean the tattoo area with a circular motion until all plasma and ointment are reduced. Avoid using towels, clothes, or sponges.

Now, you are ready to rinse the tattoo slowly and gently until you take all the soap away. Your next step is to take a clean and dry paper towel to fully dry the area. Remember that you should not scrub that area, because it is very sensitive at that point. When you see that your tattoo is dry, you can apply a small amount of ointment.

With a small coat of ointment, balm or moisturizer, you will allow your skin to breathe and if you put too much of it, you are going to suffocate the tattoo. In the next couple of days, you are going to need to clean your tattoo in this way. Logically, you will not need to place a new bandage over your tattoo, however, you should understand that your skin is very sensitive and that your tattoo area is like a wound, which means that when it is not wrapped and covered, it is prone to dirt and bacteria. Therefore, for avoiding any type of infection, you should pay attention not to get your tattoo in contact with any surface.

Additionally, you should prepare yourself for seeing that your tattoo becomes wet during the first days. This only refers to the fact that the plasma and the ink are forming a thin coating on your skin. However, this can easily be wiped with a clean paper towel. It is also completely normal to see the ink on the paper towel after cleaning the tattoo, this is just the excess of the ink that the skin is secreting.

Days 2 to 3

After you overcome the first day, you can expect to see that your tattoo is becoming more cloudy and duller and this is because your skin is getting used to it and starting to heal. Do not react if you see that scabs are forming. Your task is to continue to wash your tattoo once a day with antibacterial soap gently, rinse it, and dry it thoroughly with a dry paper towel. Do not forget to apply in small amounts a couple of times a day some balm, ointment, or moisturize.

Days 4 to 6

At this point, you will notice that your tattoo area is not red anymore and it does not look irritated. However, you will see that you still have some scraps, but they are going to disappear very fast. Remember not to pick and touch them because you can cause the occurrence of scars. Just keep your healthy cleaning procedure as in previous days and everything will be fine. Additionally, do not forget to apply some moisturizing cream 3 to 4 times a day.

Days 6 to 14

In this period, the scabs will become hard and start to flake off. You need to be responsible and patient and not try to pull them off on your own. Just wait because they are going to come off naturally. Do not panic if your skin starts to itch a lot, this is completely normal after a week of getting the tattoo. You can apply some cream that will help you reduce the itch.

The stages of tattoo healing

The tattoo aftercare that we mentioned is the most significant part of getting a tattoo because the way you approach the process of the healing will depend on how your tattoo will look like. You need to understand that your tattooed area is very sensitive after the procedure because tattooing effects go much deeper than your skin. This means that taking care of your skin means that you are actually taking care of your overall health. How fast your tattoo will heal will depend on many factors, such as your health, age, hygiene, and which body part you got the tattoo.

However, after two weeks of proper care, you can expect to see positive results and enjoy your new tattoo to the fullest. Through the comprehensive instruction on what you can expect after getting the tattoo, you saw that stages of healing include many things. However, one thing is sure, as that time is passing, you can be sure that your skin is getting used to your new tattoo and it will accept it and get used to it without reacting.

Useful tips to heal your tattoo

So, let’s summarize quickly in the form of some useful tips for the whole process from getting the tattoo to the healing process. Primarily, you need to make sure that your tattoo artist is professional and experienced and that you can rely on him.

It requires a lot more than just creating a perfect tattoo piece to be a professional and expert tattoo artist. That person needs to take care of the health of his clients, which refers mostly to the advice he is giving to you regarding the process of the healing.

In short, your tattoo artist needs to put a thin petroleum jelly layer on your tattoo and cover it with a bandage. As we said, it would be best to sleep with the bandage on and take it off after 24 hours. By gently and regularly washing the tattooed area with antibacterial soap, you should not worry about whether it can get infected. Additionally, a couple of times a day you will need to apply antibacterial cream on it in a thin layer, so it does not become dry and irritating.

However, do not put on another bandage because your skin needs to breathe. You also need to take care of repeating this procedure for 2 to 4 weeks because only in that way, you can be sure that you perfectly followed the tattoo aftercare healthy procedure.

What not to do

The biggest mistake that you can do is to scratch, rub or peel your tattoo because you are going to irritate your skin. First, never touch your tattoo if you did not wash your hands primarily. Also, you can take a cool shower, however, it is not recommendable to go swimming in the pool or in the hot tub.

Do not forget to cover your tattooed area from the sun for at least four weeks. You will try to avoid wearing harsh clothes that will rub against your skin. Despite that, you should avoid going to the gym for some period and not touch any dirty surface with your tattooed area.

Infection and how to avoid it

If you properly take care of your tattoo area, you should not worry about getting a skin infection. Therefore, just follow the mentioned steps and you are going to be fine! The tattoo aftercare that we talked about will prevent skin irritation, complication and any type of health issues including the infection.

By following our tips, you can be sure that tattoo aftercare will promote faster healing and at the same time lower the chances of getting the infection to the minimum. However, if you are worrying that your tattoo might be infected, then go to see a medical professional.


Are you dreaming of getting some special first tattoo for your whole life? Tattoos are more than just on the skin, they carry a meaningful symbol for the person and they express an individual on a whole new unique level. If you never got the courage to actually take that daring step and tattoo yourself, we have good news for you, that day finally comes!

When you can rely on the tattoo artists because of their own qualities, professionalism, responsible approach, and experience, you can be completely peaceful that you are getting the tattoo of your dreams! Contact me and give yourself the best gift you can!

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